Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Sunday dinner conversation

Eating dinner after church on Sunday, Dad asks Camden what he learned about at church.
" How to be nice to people". "Like playing with your brother." " Like playing legos with eachother."
Do you love your brother?
" Yes".
Do you have a sister?
" Yes, I miss her."

I miss her too Camden. We are approaching the 6th month of Kyndals death. Thats half a year.. unbelievable how fast time goes. What kinds of things would she be doing? She would of been chubby forsure. Would she allow me to put those huge bows in her hair? With Easter coming, I am looking forward to the message that comes with Easter. That everyone will be resurrected and live again. We are patiently waiting for that day. I am kinda bummed that Easter falls on General Conference weekend, and I wont be able to dress up my kids and take them to church... but maybe its a blessing.
We got some new flowers and a windmill to put at Kyndals grave. As soon as I bought it, Camden knew just who it was for. Maybe the pink and purple gave it away, but I'm glad he is thinking about her too!
This morning Case snuck into bed with us and fell back asleep. I peeked over at him, and his eyes looked just like Kyndal's sleeping face. It made me happy!