Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Every night when Case says the prayer before we go to bed, he prays for his sister Kyndal. It reminds me that she is not forgotten. He blesses her in heaven. It makes my mother heart happy.
A few weeks before Christmas, we were setting up the Christmas tree and getting out the ornaments given to us by many thoughtful friends for Kyndal. I set up a tree for the kids so they could put their own ornaments on the tree. As we pulled out the angel framed pictures of Kyndal, Camden began to be sad. He cried for two hours. sobbing, missing his sister. It broke our hearts. We comforted him, and let him look at her album of pictures of her. We told him it was ok to be sad.
We went about a week ago to her grave to put Valentine balloons and a stuffed owl. We enjoy going to see her there. It saddens us each time there is a new mound of fresh dirt, visible of another loss.
We love and miss you Kyndal. each of us