Tuesday, September 6, 2011

a perfect suprise

It was Fathers Day, and we had been at the baseball game. We stopped by your gravesite to visit. We got out of the car, and this is what we found.. Your headstone had been set.
We knew it was going to be soon, but figured the cemetary place would call us.. I think it was better this way.. to find it for ourselves.. It's like you sent it that day... What a great gift.. and even better on Father's Day.. We will never forget the day we found it.. I of course cried.. happy tears.. The boys were so excited.. It is perfect.. the flowers are perfect.. perfect.. just for you!

Your birthday is coming up in another month. You would of been 2. your brothers asked me the other day how old you are.. they remember you. I hope they will always remember you.

As the 2nd angelversary is near, it seems like yesterday that you were in our arms, but then again it seems like an eternity ago. We will be doing something special for your birthday. Grandma Dill will be in town also, so we will include her in your day.

I sure hope you are busy doing good above and busy helping others.. Sometimes it all feels like a dream.. I hope I can be the kind of mom who is listening to the Spirit enough to feel you close.

We are anxious for a baby.. can you send one our way? I am sure you are having fun with he/she now... we would love a little baby in our home. The smells, the late nights..

Love, your momma