Sunday, August 29, 2010

A thoughtful friend and lots of baby girls

Kyndal's big flower in her hair.

This is a picture of me at my babyshower for Kyndal. Almost a year ago.. I wore this pink flower in my hair since my shirt was brown I figured I needed to sport some pink for her arrival. A good friend had given me this flower the day we found out that Kyndal was a girl. Rian and Chloe brought over pink cupcakes, and this hairflower. It was packed in the bag for Kyndal at the hospital and she wore it for many of her pictures that we took of her. The gerber daisy is important to our family now. I think of Kyndal when I see one. The flower overpowered her little head, but it sure was cute. I still wear the flower quite often.. Holiday's mostly..
so she is in our pictures :)

I also wore it at her funeral. In her vase of flowers at her gravesite there is a big gerber daisy too!

Crystal is a great friend who actually put Kyndal's blessing dress in a shadow box for me and has been a great support through Kyndal's death. She came to the hospital more than once.. offered her hugs and thoughts. She lost Sage in March 09 to SIDS. We visited a few times after his death, and she is an amazing friend. We love to get together and talk about our babies that are now in heaven. She had Ellie a few days ago, and I got to meet her last night. She is adorable and it's so fun to see how happy their whole family is with this new gift right from heaven.
The night of her delivery, it was stormy and I couldnt help but think of Sage throwing a fit up there having to let his sister come to earth...
Her mom posted this on her blog and wanted to copy it to mine..
( her mom took all of the pictures at Kyndal's funeral, viewing and burial..)
( from Liz's blog)
This picture we took in memory of Kyndal Ann White, daughter of Crystal's dear friend Cori White. Kyndal was born still October 8, 2009. Cori wore a pink flower at her shower and then wore that same flower at her daughters funeral. The pink flower is in memory of Kyndal. We like to think of Sage and Kyndal together with Ellie before she was born. Telling her about all her wonderful family and this amazing place we call " earth". In Memory of Kyndal.

I bawled as I read this on her blog. It was wonderful to see someone remember Kyndal other than us. This family is so thoughtful and I am happy they have a rainbow baby.
Thanks Crystal and Liz!

Monday, my dad's girlfriends daughter JoAnn had a baby Jenni..
( a little early so she is still growing but will be home soon)

Joe and Diane had a baby girl on Wed morning at home.. and I am so glad everything went well.

Crystal and Spencer had Ellie on Tue night..

Lots of baby girls

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thinking of her

Last night we had the missionaries over for dinner and one of them asked " Who is Kyndal?" He had seen the sign that we have in our living room.. Camden got to tell him all about her.. and that she is in heaven waiting for us. I love talking about her, but it was fun to see Camden so willing and happy to tell them about his sister.

Support group is the first Monday of the month.. and yesterday ( tuesday) I remembered.. A day late.. oops.. I was bugged at myself. I always enjoy going.. so next month I will put it on my calendar forsure.

We are coming upon 10 months. It seems like yesterday.. but a long time ago too. Can't wait for eternity.. Time will be better there.. plus she will be with us FOREVER!

The dr. told us to wait 9 months ( 18 months) til delivery to have another baby. We hope that another baby will bless our family in the next few months. Kyndal.. send him/her .. you can play later!

When I was in Wyoming I found a picture of my grandparents when they were really young. It was a picture I had never seen.. or atleast remembered...I picture heaven like this... Grandma Hazel is taking care of Kyndal.. among others I am sure. Does she peek into our lives and see what we are/arent doing? I wish she would send me some patience and alot of it.. her brothers are driving me about crazy.. School will start soon and they are excited...

In my room I have on my dresser all of Kyndals things. The blessing dress in the frame, pictures, a teddy bear, her handprints and feetprints... Stuff always piles up on that dresser, but last night I dusted it all off. It looks so much better when I can see all of her "stuff".

We sure are happy to have her part of our family and think of her often.