Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I dreamt about you last night. you were alive, but not... hard to explain. i held you.. you would wiggle, but not breathe. it was strange. you looked perfect. I couldnt understand why others didnt think this was normal and ok. we were visiting las vegas and i was in the relief society room of the ward that i grew up in. a few ladies held you too.
I havent dreamt about you in a while, so i woke up happy. I didnt want it to end.
I went to the temple the other day, and felt you near. that hasnt happened before.
your brothers pray for you daily. especially case. yesterday i heard case say to camden i miss kyndal dont you camden?
i am so glad they remember you and maybe you are in their dreams too.

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  1. Love this! Im sure she surrounds you all each day! What a tender mercy that dream was...and aww that sweet Case just melts my heart!